The North Shore Erie Amateur Astronomers (NSEAA) club is an organization dedicated to those with interests in astronomy.  We serve the general geographic area of Norfolk County in Ontario, Canada on the north shore of Lake Erie. Our meetings are held in Simcoe, Ontario. More information is given in the link above called "About Us".

Light pollution is becoming so severe at night that this careless consumption of energy only adds to atmospheric pollution from power plants and to global warming.  Click here to see why!  Far worse it denies all of us, especially our children, that soul lifting, awe inspiring vision of our universe that a night under a star studded dark sky offers! To learn more about this and what our club is trying to do please click on the link:  Reducing Outdoor Light Pollution       Click on this link to see a video on light pollution   Some Consequences of Light Pollution

We are having a free public star party on Saturday May 2, 2020.  Click here for more details. 

We have a group page on Facebook. Do a search for "North Shore Erie Amateur Astronomers" and click "join".

For a weekly guide to celestial events, please visit This Week's Sky, updated every Monday

The Simcoe Clear Sky Clock shows the amount of cloud cover, sky transparency and seeing for each hour over two days. It will help you to decide if the sky will be clear enough to do observing. Please click on Simcoe Clear Sky Clock

Click here for a visible satellite loop showing cloud cover over the past 2.5 hours.