MODEST-5: A Challenge to the MODEST Community

In June 2002, a group of interested researchers gathered at the American Museum of Natural History in New York to talk about modelling dense stellar systems. In particular, representatives of the stellar dynamics, hydrodynamics and stellar evolution fields discussed how best to work together to solve problems of mutual interest. The MODEST group was born.


We have had two years, and four workshops, to outline computational frameworks, discuss areas of strength and weakness, and to ponder observational consequences of our work. Now, at our fifth workshop, it is time to put our money where our mouth is.


MODEST-5 will be held at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada on August 11-14, 2004. During those four days, the challenge is to:


  1. Identify one cluster (probably an open cluster) which is sufficiently interesting dynamically, and also not too difficult to observe and simulate.


  1. Formulate a small number of specific, answerable, MODEST questions about that cluster. (e.g. Explain the number and nature of the blue stragglers in the cluster.)


  1. Identify ways to answer those questions, both theoretically and observationally. Also identify tests of simulations that would prove useful (e.g. What difference would different stellar evolution treatments make?)


  1. Form collaborations to answer the questions, and begin the work required (e.g. writing observing proposals, modifying codes, etc.)


There is a deadline for these projects there will be a MODEST meeting in summer 2006, probably associated with the IAU General Assembly in Prague in August. Part of that meeting will be devoted to presenting the answers to the questions asked at MODEST-5.


An underlying goal of this workshop is to draw from as many groups as we possibly can: stellar dynamicists, stellar evolutionists, observers, and especially people who have feet in more than one camp. We would like to forge as many productive collaborations as we can, with the idea of having those collaborations move from studying the one chosen cluster to applying their work to all kinds of dense stellar systems.


We look forward to having a wide range of people attend the MODEST-5 meeting, and aim to make it relevant and interesting to all participants, as well as a useful exercise in furthering our MODEST goals. We invite all interested researchers to join us.

In keeping with the spirit of an informal workshop, there will be no registration fee, nor will we have any means to offer financial assistance to the participants.

MODEST-5 Poster (PDF)

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