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February, 2004
  On the occasion of Jim Waddington's retirement from the Department of Physics and Astronomy of McMaster University, his colleagues and friends have contributed to establishing the

The Jim Waddington Prize in Physics & Astronomy

To be given annually to the student with the best performance in Physics 1BA3 who then goes on to enter an Honours Program in Physics or Astronomy.

Jim Waddington joined the faculty of the McMaster Physics Department in 1971. In 2003 after a long and distinguished career in teaching and research, he received the President's Award for Excellence in Instruction which recognized the fact that he had established himself as the best teacher in Physics & Astronomy over a period of 30 years. Jim has been an inspiration to generations of students. He believes strongly in involving undergraduate students in research, and many of the students whom he supervised have gone on to pursue successful careers in Physics.

One of Jim's teaching assignments was Physics 1BA3, the second semester of Physics for 1st year students who are heading toward the physical sciences. This course is a gateway into Honours Physics & Astronomy, and Jim acted as a beacon, guiding students into our programs.