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Undergraduate Programmes
Physics & Astronomy

Undergraduate Calendar

Our programmes are structured to contain a common set of basic requirements plus a variety of options: 

 Honours Physics
     Origins Research Specialization

 Honours Biophysics

 Honours Astrophysics

 Honours Physics Co-Op

 Honours Biophysics Co-Op

 Combined Honours Math & Physics

 Honours Arts & Science & Physics

 Honours Integrated Science & Physics  

 Honours Integrated Science & Biophysics  

 Chemical & Physical Sciences (Three Year)



Note that it is important to choose the appropriate Level 1 Mathematics courses in order to satisfy the entry requirements for Level 2.

The B.Sc. in Chemical and Physical Science has been designed for those students interested in a 3 year programme in either Chemistry or Physics. It is modelled on the Complementary Studies Options and the student is free to chose a combination of Chemistry and Physics courses. Timetable constraints will tend to force the selection to be heavily weighted in just one of these departments.