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SPEAKER Chris Mitchelitis and Daniel FitzGreen, Laboratory Technicians, The Department of Engineering Physics
TOPIC LabVIEW: An overview with selected examples of applications 

Engineering Physics Seminar Series

LabView is a visual programming suite used frequently in academic research and in industrial applications. Choosing between a graphical language such as LabView and more traditional line coding is an important choice one makes early on in the design stages of a project, and both options provide advantages and disadvantages. In this talk, Chris Mitchelitis and Dan FitzGreen will introduce LabView and discuss which tasks it excels at, which tasks it struggles with, and introduce some of the ways they used LabView in their graduate work.

DATE Thursday, March 09, 2017
TIME 12:30 pm

For more information phone 905-529-7070 X24559 or Email the Department of Physics and Astronomy

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