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McMaster University

Brockhouse Institute Seminar

SPEAKER Eva Hemmer, University of Ottawa, Department of Chemistry and Biomolecular Sciences
TOPIC Lanthanide-based Nanostructures as Potential Players in the Biomedical Field 

Lanthanide-based nanostructures are well known for their outstanding optical properties. When doped in appropriate host materials, narrow optical absorption and emission bands as well as long lifetimes of the excited electronic states of the Ln3+ are obtained. Following a stepwise excitation with near-infrared (NIR) light, Ln3+-doped nanostructures show upconversion emission spanning the range from UV to visible and NIR. In addition, NIR light of longer wavelengths (> 1000 nm) can be emitted when appropriate Ln3+ dopants are chosen, which opens a whole gamut of applications including the field of optical bioimaging and sensing. Fluorides, such as NaGdF4, are commonly considered as suitable host materials and their preparation via the thermal decomposition process has been widely studied. Alternatively, oxides, such as Gd2O3 or Y2O3, have been suggested as host materials for Ln3+ ions resulting in upconverting and NIR emitting nanostructures. Ln3+-doped oxides of various sizes and shapes (nanoparticles, nanorods) can for instance be obtained by precipitation or solvothermal approaches. Various synthetic strategies leading to upconverting and NIR emitting Ln3+-doped nanostructures will be discussed, and their application of the resultant materials in optical (NIR) bioimaging and beyond will be presented.

Eva Hemmer received her Ph.D. (2008) in materials science from Saarland University (Germany) under the mentorship of Prof. Sanjay Mathur. During her PhD, she focused on the preparation of lanthanidecontaining inorganic nanomaterials. This experience was further deepened during her postdoctoral studies where she worked on lanthanide-doped Gd2O3 nanoparticles for near- infrared bioimaging with Prof. Kohei Soga at Tokyo University of Science (Japan, 2009–2012). In 2013 she was awarded a Feodor Lynen Research Postdoctoral Fellowship from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation to work in the groups of Profs. Vetrone and Légaré at INRS-EMT, Université du Québec (Canada) to study lanthanide-doped fluoride nanoparticles for nanothermometry. In winter 2016, she joined the University of Ottawa (Canada) as an assistant professor in order to design and study novel multifunctional lanthanide-based Nano carriers for biomedical and energy conversion applications at the Department of Chemistry and Biomolecular Sciences.

DATE Monday, March 06, 2017
TIME 3:30 pm

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