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SPEAKER Mark Jensen, Director Deep Geologic Repository Geoscience and Research, The Nuclear Waste Management Organization
TOPIC Adaptive Phased Management: Canada’s Plan for Long-term Management of Nuclear Used Fuel The Role of Geosciences 

The Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO) is responsible in Canada for the long-term safe management of Canada’s used nuclear fuel. The Federally approved plan for long-term used fuel Management being implemented by the NWMO is referred to as Adaptive Phased Management (APM). The APM approach ultimately envisions Canada’s used nuclear fuel being emplaced within a multi-barrier Deep Geologic Repository (DGR) designed to provide passive safety at time frames relevant to repository safety in a suitable sedimentary or crystalline setting. As part of APM, the NWMO foster advances in Geoscience related to the characterisation and assessment of varied geologic settings to safely host a DGR at a nominal depth below ground surface of 500 m. The Geosciences program is multi-disciplinary with a focus on methods necessary to gather evidence regarding the past, present and future evolution of the geosphere as it influences understanding of geologic formation barrier properties, longevity and integrity. In this role Geoscience provides a basis to develop a Descriptive Geosphere Model that supports a science based understanding DGR containment and Isolation, and confidence in a sitespecific DGR Safety Case.

This presentation provides a description of the APM Geosciences technical program with a focus on key activities motivated by continually improvement of the scientific basis to reliably test the behaviour of the geosphere as a natural barrier to passively contain and isolate used nuclear fuel at time periods relevant to repository safety.

DATE Wednesday, March 01, 2017
TIME 1:30 pm

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