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Associate Professor Sung-Sik Lee  
Area: Condensed Matter Physics (Theoretical)
Sung-Sik Lee
Location: ABB 344
Phone: 905-525-9140 ext 23184
Fax: (905)546-1252
  1. Letter to Grad Students

November 2014       


Dear Prospective Graduate Student,

My main research area is strongly correlated many-body system. When many particles (as many as ten to the twenty-third power of particles) are strongly correlated (interacting) with each other, they can behave very differently than either when there are only a few particles or when they are not strongly correlated. Because of the enormous amount of degrees of freedom and the strong correlation between them, it is impossible to predict measurable physical properties of a system from the dynamics of individual particles. However, as we observe them in a longer distance scale, we notice that there are some orders (patterns) in their fluctuations. Sometimes, these emerging patterns can be described in surprisingly simple and beautiful ways. The goals of my research are to understand various emergent phenomena in correlated quantum many-body systems using quantum field theory and holographic description.

If you want to know more about my research, please visit my homepage ( or contact me at .


Sung-Sik Lee