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Professor Paul Higgs  
Area: Biophysics (Theoretical)
Paul Higgs
Location: ABB 345
Phone: 905-525-9140 ext 26870
Fax: (905)546-1252
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Paul Higgs - Biophysics and Computational Biology

Biophysics and Computational Biology

I use computational and theoretical methods to study problems in Biophysics, Molecular Evolution and Origins Research. Details of my research interests are on my home page.

Paul Higgs
Department of Physics & Astronomy
McMaster University

Dear Prospective Graduate Student,

I am currently looking for new graduate students to work on Evolution of Bacterial Genomes, the RNA World and the Origin of Life, and Codon Usage and Translational Efficiency. There is a link to each of these projects on my home page.

My work is interdisciplinary, and I like to have students from several different backgrounds. All projects will involve some mixture of the following:

·        Developing and testing mathematical and theoretical models

·        Interpretation of biological sequence data

·        Developing software and databases for computational biology

I am associated with several different graduate programs at McMaster. You should apply to whichever fits your background and future career goals the best. The links below should take you to the pages describing the admissions for the different programs.

Physics - This is my home department. I am looking for someone who is interested in developing mathematical models, theories and simulations to understand problems at the boundary of biology and statistical physics.

Biochemistry - I am also a member of this department and can I am looking for someone who is interested in molecular evolution or computational modeling of cellular processes.

Biology - I am an associate member of this department and I would be looking for a cosupervised student with a member of the biology department in the areas of evolution, population genetics and origins research.

Astrobiology - This is a new program run by members of the Origins Institute. Students should apply to one of the departmental programs (e.g. Physics, Biochemistry or Biology), and can additionally become part of the astrobiology program if their research topic is appropriate.

Computational Science and Engineering - This program would suit students who want a strong training in computational and numerical methods. I am looking for someone who wants to design and build bioinformatics software and databases for use in scientific research.

If you would like more information on any of these things, please contact me via the email above.

Paul Higgs.