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Associate Member Sumath Shankar  
Area: Not Available
Sumath Shankar
Location: JHE-142
Phone: 905-525-9140 ext 26473
Fax: (905)546-1252
  1. Research Profile

Research Interests

  • Casting
  • Microscopy & Diffraction
  • Transport Phenomenon

Specific Research Activities

The following is a list of my research interests:

  • Metal Casting
  • Solidification Processing Fundamentals
  • Semi-Solid Metal Casting - Rheo-Casting and Thixo-casting
  • Diffusion Analysis
  • Molten Metal Cleaning and Processing
  • Rheology of molten metal
  • X-ray/Neutron diffraction analysis of molten metal
  • Aluminum and Magnesium Alloy Development
  • Casting Process Development
  • Die Tool Material Development
  • Advanced Microscopy (SEM, TEM, FIB, LEAP, etc.)
  • Microstructure-Property-Performance-Cost relationship studies