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Adjunct Professor Chris Wiebe  
Area: Condensed Matter Physics (Experimental)
Chris Wiebe
Phone: 905-525-9140 ext
Fax: (905)546-1252
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I am interested in the synthesis and characterization of new magnetic oxides. As a former faculty member of Florida State University, I am currently supervising several graduate students in my synthesis and crystal growth lab there. I am also in the process of establishing a solid state chemistry lab at the University of Winnipeg.

I am primarily interested in what are called strongly correlated electron systems, or materials which have unusual magnetic or electrical behavior. These include functional materials, such as new solid state batteries, multiferroics, or superconductors, but they also include systems of theoretical interest, such as geometrically frustrated magnets, low dimensional compounds, and heavy fermion compounds. As an experimentalist, my main methods of characterization include diffraction techniques such as x-ray scattering and neutron scattering, but the bulk of my time is spent on the synthesis and crystal growth of these new materials here at the University of Winnipeg.

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