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Name Chairs
Luke, Graeme Chair

Name (Position) Area of Research
Berlinsky, John (Professor Emeritus) Condensed Matter Physics (Theoretical)
Bhaduri, Rajat (Professor Emeritus) Theoretical Physics
Brown, David (Professor Emeritus) Condensed Matter Physics (Experimental)
Burgess, Cliff (Professor) Subatomic Physics
Burke, Dennis (Professor Emeritus) Nuclear Physics (Experimental)
Byun, Soo Hyun (Associate Professor) Medical Physics
Cameron, John (Professor Emeritus) Nuclear Physics (Experimental)
Carbotte, Jules (University Professor) Condensed Matter Physics (Theoretical)
Chen, Alan (Professor) Nuclear Astrophysics
Chettle, David (Professor) Medical Physics
Collins, Malcolm (Professor Emeritus) Condensed Matter Physics (Experimental)
Couchman, Hugh (Professor) Astrophysics (Theoretical)
Dalnoki-Veress, Kari (Professor) Polymer Physics (Experimental)
Datars, Ross (Professor Emeritus) Condensed Matter Physics (Experimental)
Farquharson, Michael (Associate Member) Medical Physics
Fradin, Cecile (Associate Professor) Biophysics (Experimental)
Gaiotto, Davide (Adjunct Professor) Theoretical Physics
Gaulin, Bruce (Professor) Condensed Matter Physics (Experimental)
Harris, William (Professor Emeritus) Astrophysics (Observational)
Haugen, Harold (Professor) Laser Physics, Quantum Optics and Ultracold Atoms
Higgs, Paul (Professor) Biophysics (Theoretical)
Hitchcock, Adam (Associate Member) Condensed Matter Physics (Experimental)
Hoyt, Jeffrey (Associate Member) Nuclear Physics (Experimental)
Hughes, Karen (Sessional Lecturer) Teaching Position
Imai, Takashi (Professor) Condensed Matter Physics (Experimental)
Kallin, Catherine (Professor) Condensed Matter Physics (Theoretical)
Lee, Sung-Sik (Associate Professor) Condensed Matter Physics (Theoretical)
Luke, Graeme (Professor) Condensed Matter Physics (Experimental)
McNeill, Fiona (Professor) Medical Physics
Moran-Mirabal, Jose (Associate Member)
Nejat, Reza (Assistant Professor) Teaching Position
Nogami, Yuki (Professor Emeritus) Theoretical Physics
O'Dell, Duncan (Associate Professor) Laser Physics, Quantum Optics and Ultracold Atoms
Okon, Waldemar (Sessional Lecturer) Teaching Position
Parker, Laura (Associate Professor) Astrophysics (Observational)
Preston, John (Associate Member) Optical Physics
Preston, Mel (Professor Emeritus) Theoretical Physics
Prestwich, William (Professor Emeritus) Medical Physics
Pudritz, Ralph (Professor) Astrophysics (Theoretical)
Rheinstadter, Maikel (Associate Professor) Biophysics (Membrane Dynamics)
Shankar, Sumath (Associate Member) Not Available
Shi, An-Chang (Professor) Polymer Physics (Theoretical)
Sills, Alison (Professor) Astrophysics (Theoretical)
Sorensen, Erik (Professor) Condensed Matter Physics (Theoretical)
Sprung, Donald (Professor Emeritus) Theoretical Physics
Stager, Carl (Professor Emeritus) Condensed Matter Physics (Experimental)
Summers-Gill, Robert (Professor Emeritus) Nuclear Physics (Experimental)
Sutherland, Peter (Professor Emeritus) Astrophysics (Theoretical)
Thompson, Jeroen  (Adjunct Professor) Health and Radiation Physics
Timusk, Tom (Professor Emeritus) Condensed Matter Physics (Experimental)
van Dijk, Wytse (Adjunct Professor) Theoretical Physics
Venus, David (Professor) Condensed Matter Physics (Experimental)
Wadsley, James (Associate Professor) Astrophysics (Theoretical)
Walton, Derek (Professor Emeritus) Condensed Matter Physics (Experimental)
Welch, Doug (Professor) Astrophysics (Observational)
Wiebe, Chris (Adjunct Professor) Condensed Matter Physics (Experimental)
Wilson, Christine (Professor) Astrophysics (Observational)
Yavin, Itay (Assistant Professor) Subatomic Physics